Residents in Italy came together on Friday by banging pots and pans, playing instruments, singing and blasting music out their windows as part of a coronavirus "flash mob."  

The event was a way for people in Italy to spread joy without spreading the coronavirus, which has already devastated much of their country505彩票平台app. Italy has become the epicenter of the virus outbreak in Europe. 

A Facebook event called "Flashmob Sonoro!" invited Italians to participate with music or other noisemakers to "break the silence" of isolation.  

One musician, , even performed a concert for his neighbors from his balcony:

At least 17,660 people in Italy have been infected with the virus and 1,266 have died.

The country505彩票平台app is under a nationwide lockdown, and residents can only leave their 505彩票平台apps for essential reasons like work and to buy groceries.

Italy also has one of the world’s oldest populations, and the coronavirus outbreak is taking its toll on the elderly — as well as on family relationships. Amid the social distancing, organizers hoped music would help bring communities together again.

"Music is the best medicine to cure the soul and in this moment we need it," the Facebook event said. 

Participants posted videos from their windows, showing streets of apartments gathering on balconies to sing and make music together. 

People in groups of apartments in Rome let off steam by banging pots and pans: 

In another neighborhood, one boy for his neighbors. This DJ . A family . And put on a concert for his apartment complex

The Associated Press and Chris Abanavas contributed to this report. 

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